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Weve Got To Fight for Our Right To Custody

Weve Got To Fight for Our Right To Custody

After nearly three years of marriage, Ashlee Simpson files for divorce from rocker husband, Pete Wentz. Though it was Simpson who filed for divorce, Wentz leaves the blame to Ashlee's party girl behavior for their split.

What's left in the middle? A 2-year-old son, Bronx, who has reportedly been seen out with both Simpson and Wentz the past few weeks despite the couple's split.

Fortunately for baby Bronx, the two are trying to keep up their appearance as a family. Even close family friends were unaware of the celebrity couple's recent divorce. While some sources note that Wentz was against the divorce, others state that the couple's primary reason for filing for divorce was "irreconcilable differences."

Although the seemingly happy family has been spotted in public locations recently, Simpson is seeking physical custody of their son. Wentz has not yet released a comment on whether or not he will also be fighting for custody of Bronx.

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