Benefits of Avoiding Contested Divorce

Benefits of Avoiding a Contested Divorce

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When divorce is the only option, it can be a long process full of emotional upheaval when it is contested. Divorces that are addressed in court not only are difficult but also are more expensive.

When the court is in the position that they are forced to make decisions about a divorce with regard to:

It is far more beneficial to all parties involved to seek an alternative to a contested divorce, through a settlement made between the parties before going to court. Not only are these agreements usually better, they are less likely to require further legal action in the future, as the two former partners have come to the agreement themselves and have not had it enforced upon them by the court.

Protecting Your Children From a Drawn Out Divorce

There is another important aspect to finding an alternative to a contested divorce, which are the children involved. A bitterly contested divorce is hard on children. It is in their best interests to try to come to an agreement between the two of you. There is help available from a Long Island divorce attorney who can take action to assist you to achieve your goals in your divorce through negotiating with the opposing attorney to settle the urgent matters without taking them to court.

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Our legal team is committed to seeking the outcome that you want in your divorce. Our firm has long experience in helping those who need divorce come to a fair resolution through negotiations. We understand that a contested divorce is a grueling and unpleasant process and do all we can to bring the matters to a close without fighting a court battle, which is costly and emotionally draining.

In cases in which the other party refuses to compromise and makes unreasonable demands, and there is no alternative to a contested divorce, The Virdone Law Firm, P.C. and our legal team will be more than prepared to protect your interests when we go to court.

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