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Divorce & Spousal Support / Alimony in Nassau County

Spousal support is one of the key issues that must be resolved in a divorce or separation agreement. Spousal support is also commonly referred to as "maintenance," "alimony" or "palimony." Each of these terms refers to a situation where one spouse makes monetary payments for a period of time to the other after a separation or divorce. Quite simply, New York divorce and family law seeks to help the dependent spouse, the one receiving money, maintain the standard of living to which they had become accustomed to during the marriage.

It is important to have a competent Long Island spousal support lawyer to represent your interests in regard to your spousal support arrangement. You will need to properly present your case to the court to ensure that your financial stability is provided for. Like property division, spousal support determinations are often legally and emotionally difficult to ascertain. The court will look at many factors when deciding a fair payment, including how the marital property will be divided, the length of the marriage, the standard of living while married, the financial contributions of each spouse during the marriage, and the financial needs of the dependent spouse.

After a thorough review of the evidence submitted by both sides, the court can order one of two types of support:

  • Rehabilitative support is temporary payment enabling the dependent spouse to develop marketable skills and ultimately earn their own living without receiving long-term payments. This is typically seen in shorter-term marriages.
  • Permanent support is an ongoing payment for daily needs such as food, shelter, clothing, insurance, and medical expenses which the dependent spouse proves that they need. These payments can last until the dependent spouse remarries or either ex-spouse dies. This is typically seen in long-term marriages.

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When you work with a Long Island family law attorney at our firm, we will strive to ensure that our clients do not pay too much nor receive too little maintenance. In high net worth cases, these matters are particularly complicated. As experienced, business-minded attorneys, we understand that lasting implications of potentially lifelong awards of spousal support and therefore appreciate how critical it is to be accurate when the matter is being decided.

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