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There are different situations in which a grandparent or other relative of a child may seek guardianship. Child abuse, neglect and abandonment are primary reasons, as are drug abuse, alcohol abuse and mental illness. Becoming the guardian of a child is an important decision that will establish particular rights and responsibilities in regard to the child's care and well-being. It is therefore important to discuss the particular issues involved with this matter with an experienced divorce and family law attorney.

By contacting our law offices, you can find out more about what you can do to become a legal guardian of a child in need of your help. Our firm handles guardianship cases in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens and offers a free initial consultation to discuss your unique situation.

Becoming a Legal Guardian in Queens, Suffolk or Nassau County

Any adult who is capable of properly caring for a child may ask to be a guardian. A criminal record will typically limit or eliminate one's ability to become a legal guardian, but this will vary on a case by case basis. To become a guardian, you will need to prove that "extraordinary circumstances" exist that would warrant your assignment in caring for the child. For example, if the parent has left the child in your care for extended periods of time, is abusive or neglectful or has a drug problem, you may be able to seek guardianship. The determination of whether you will be granted guardianship will depend on what the court determines is in the best interests of the child. Though you may become a temporary guardian of a child in cases involving abandonment, abuse or neglect, you can only become a permanent guardian if its in the best interest of the child. As a permanent guardian, you would be able to seek the adoption of the child as well.

If you are a grandparent, relative or other person close to a child and are interested in seeking temporary or permanent guardianship, it is important to discuss your options with an attorney experienced in handling these matters. Our firm handles cases of this kind in Queens County, Nassau County and Suffolk County as well as in the surrounding areas. We are happy to discuss your concerns and rights with you to determine the best approach.

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