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Child Custody Appeals in Long Island

Nassau County Divorce Attorney Provides Assistance

If you are a parent who has received a child custody court order that you believe was made in error, there are options you can take to try and resolve the matter. With the help of a skilled family law and divorce attorney from The Virdone Law Firm, P.C., you can appeal the erroneous court decision. Having the assistance of a qualified legal professional is extremely important, as appellate courts generally do not reverse or change decisions like these unless you have successfully proven that there are strong grounds for such action.

There are many reasons that a parent might want to appeal a child custody decision. He or she might believe that the other parent who obtained custody is not truly fit to care for your child, such as if it is believed that the other parent is not able to provide a safe living environment, has a schedule that is too limited, has a substance abuse problem or is verbally or physically abusive. Or, the individual might want to get a child custody court order reversed because he or she feels the custody was not fairly divided by the judge. Child custody appeals are usually made after initial orders are issued in the divorce or separation process.

Proving that an Error Occurred

In order to successfully appeal a custody order, the appellant will need to prove that the judge who made the initial decision made an error of some type. For example, the appellant (the person who filed the appeal) might be able to show that incorrect information was used in the decision, that certain information that should have been considered was actually not considered, or that the law was interpreted or applied in the wrong way. To someone who is not a trained legal professional, this can be very difficult to prove.

With something as important as your child's future at stake, you cannot afford to make amateur mistakes in your case. Make sure you get the legal guidance you need by working with one of our highly knowledgeable Nassau County divorce lawyers who handle various types of family law matters. We can review all the facts of your custody case, help you devise a strong plan for your appeal and then help you execute that plan.

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