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What is a Contested Divorce in New York?

A contested divorce occurs when the couple cannot agree on the final terms of the divorce. This situation carries the potential for long, drawn-out legal battles over asset division, and the process can be especially difficult when there are children involved. Unless you take action now to protect your personal interests, you could easily end up with a divorce settlement which leaves you at a major disadvantage.

Contested divorces occur when the spouses are unable to agree on issues such as:

Before going to court, the judge will be called upon to intervene by ruling on each point. To avoid arbitrary rulings and unfavorable decisions, it is highly advisable to pursue an uncontested divorce whenever possible, through negotiations with your spouse's attorney. When this cannot be done, it is vital to work with a Long Island divorce attorney who will fight to defend your personal interests and work tirelessly to help you achieve a satisfactory settlement.

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How Long Does a Contested Divorce Take in NY?

If a disagreement between two parties who are married cannot be resolved one or both of the married parties will begin divorce proceedings with an attorney. Once the necessary legal documents are drawn up & submitted to the court one spouse has 120 days to serve the other spouse who in turn has up to 30 days to respond to the documentation.

The entire divorce proceeding typically takes around 9 months to to a year, but can be longer depending on the extent of the disagreement and could lead to a court case where a judge must make a ruling.

How an Attorney Can Help You With Contested Divorce

An attorney from our firm will make all the necessary requests for discovery of evidence from your spouse, including pay stubs, bank account statements and asset sheets, to build a strong case on your behalf. The courts in our area strive to rule in favor of equitable distribution in divorce.

This means that how well your attorney can persuade the judge to see your side will largely determine:

Having an effective attorney can be especially important when allegations of domestic violence have the potential to sway the settlement in favor of one of the spouses. You cannot afford to take any chances with the outcome of the divorce — call us today.

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