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Long Island Women's Rights Attorney

Representing the Rights of Women in Nassau County Family Law Cases

As fathers' rights have become increasingly important in Long Island divorce proceedings, women cannot rely on the aging assumption that the court will always and automatically favor them. It is more important than ever to retain an attorney mindful of the ever-changing landscape of the rights of men, women, fathers, and mothers in the realm of divorce and family law.

Having an experienced Long Island family law attorney who is experienced in handling cases pertaining specifically to women's rights can make a difference in the outcome of your case. Your relationship with your child is important and should be protected in regard to custody and visitation. In addition to affecting issues that involve mothers in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, our firm addresses cases that involve the other important areas of family law that affect women, including: spousal support, property division and nuptial agreements.

Family Law & Divorce Attorney in Nassau, Suffolk & Queens Counties

While it is true that the gender-based dynamics of divorces has been changing, statistically speaking, in the majority of cases the man is still the primary breadwinner and the woman the primary caregiver. Issues such as custody, equitable distribution, and spousal support must be evaluated in separation agreements or divorce matters. This is especially true in households with two working parents or other unique arrangements.

There is less certainty for women in this day and age; therefore, retaining a qualified, experienced, and compassionate lawyer is a necessity. The Virdone Law Firm, P.C. can advise you from the outset about what to expect and how to best proceed not only with the end of marriage matters already mentioned but issues relating to nuptial agreements, domestic violence, high net worth situations, and orders of protection.

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