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Military Divorce Can Become Complicated. We Know the Ins and Outs of This Entire Process.

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How Does the Divorce Process Work for Service Members in NY?

Active-duty service personnel cannot be held in default for failure to respond to a divorce action, so you will likely have to wait until your spouse returns from service. Likewise, you are protected against the possibility of returning home from duty to learn that you have been divorced and are subject to an unfavorable final decree.

When the time comes to initiate the process, it is important to have dedicated representation to defend your rights, as the outcome of the divorce can have a major impact on your future stability. The terms of spousal support, child support and custody will likely determine how easily you can put this experience behind you and move into a new chapter in your life. We will work tirelessly to help you achieve a settlement which works in your favor.

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Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act

The Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act makes it possible for you to claim an ownership stake in your ex-spouse's military benefits and retirement pay, by classifying such benefits as marital property.

You are not guaranteed any portion of the assets, but New York State applies the principle of equitable distribution in divorce, and your attorney will argue for why you deserve to be awarded your fair share, based on factors such as your contributions to the marriage and to your spouse's career and your need for support. We also represent service members who want to protect their benefits from the claims of a former spouse.

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If you or your spouse is a current or former member of the United States Armed Forces and are considering a military divorce, then the issues involved in ending your marriage will be different than for civilians. When it comes to a military divorce, it's important to get representation from a lawyer who is experienced with military divorce and its unique process.

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