Complex Property Division

Complex Property Division Lawyer in Long Island

Even though the state of New York is known as an equitable distribution state, arguments centered on the "fairness" of distributing property seem to be among the most common disputes in the divorce process. Although quarrels tend to arise around complex financial issues, we aim to restore your peace of mind during this time.

Assessing Marital Property

Every divorcing couple will need to discuss the distribution of property. Because New York's equitable distribution laws uphold the fair distribution of property — not necessarily equal distribution — couples will need to pay careful attention to the valuation of assets and debts, marital property, and separate property.

Using professional consultants and financial forensic experts, we can address:

  • Hidden assets
  • Value of family businesses or companies
  • Locked accounts or international accounts
  • Real estate, including commercial property
  • Investments, stock interests, or shares
  • Money or income earned from self-employment
  • High-value asset division

The distribution of property rarely is a cut and dry process. Especially in scenarios involving family businesses, high net worth parties, retirement plans, or property titles, the distribution of property can become a complicated ordeal.

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We know just how overwhelming the divorce and property division processes can be for anyone. With our thorough understanding of New York divorce and family law and our extensive legal experience, our divorce attorneys on Long Island strive to help you and your former spouse come to a mutually beneficial property division agreement. No property, financial portfolio, or amount of contention is too difficult for our skilled legal team to handle with efficiency and precision.

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