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Parenting Plans for Divorce in New York

Some of the most hotly contested issues arising from divorce include child custody, parenting plans, and visitation rights. With the right legal counsel at your side, however, the process of creating your parenting plan does not have to be hindered by argument, dispute, or discontent.

Parenting plans in the State of New York are court mandated to assist separating parents with:

  • Weekday and weekend schedules
  • Summer, winter, and spring schedules
  • Holidays and vacations
  • Children's birthdays
  • Overnights
  • Legal and physical custody decisions
  • Post-judgment modifications

If you are on either side of a child custody issue, you deserve a hardworking and skilled legal professional to champion for you. As proud advocates of mothers, fathers, and grandparents throughout the state of New York, we know how to protect your rights and safeguard your children's interests in the present and future. Hire our divorce lawyers on Long Island to go to work for your family today.

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Don't leave your family's decisions up to a judge. By approaching matters in the most timely, cost-conscious, and compassionate manner, we are often able to help our clients make important day-to-day decisions for their family without resorting to trial or litigation. At The Virdone Law Firm, P.C., we are honored to help families resolve complex custody issues with the highest level of discretion, confidence, and professionalism.

Attorney John Virdone is a recognized expert on complex child custody matters and can find the most practical yet creative solution tailored to properly suit your family's needs. As a regular lecturer for local chapters of national organizations representing grandparents' rights, he can address issues involving grandparent visitation rights as well.

Our Long Island divorce and family law attorneys are sensitive to your family's unique needs, so we guide you closer to a parenting plan that can ultimately bring about the most protection and long-term security for your entire family. Whether you are making the decision to parent together or are moving forward on your own, we can be your trusted source of legal counsel as you progress into this new chapter of your life.

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