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Paternity refers to the legal process of determining the identity of a biological father through biological testing. Because the courts typically presume that a child's father is the man married to the child's mother or the man who was married to her when she was pregnant, establishing paternity will be crucial to legally solidify this presumption, particularly in cases in which a child is born to parents who are not married. Once paternity has been determined, the family courts will be able to award and / or order child support obligations, child custody rights, or parenting plan schedules.

Benefits to Establishing Paternity Include:

  • Closure and peace of mind
  • Granting of a father's rights
  • Ability to request visitation or custody rights
  • Allows fathers to remain actively involved in the development of their children
  • Children can enjoy being raised and supported by both parents

Our firm maintains an exclusive focus on handling complex family law and divorce matters. Because we are selective with our case load, we are able to foster a close-knit environment where our clients can feel comfortable and secure. Our professional and compassionate lawyers work around the clock to ensure the most timely and cost-effective result for your entire family.

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As a recognized expert on complex child custody and parenting issues, Attorney John Virdone completely understands the serious nature of paternity issues. Although the benefits of establishing paternity can be reaped by both mothers and fathers, children will arguably experience myriad benefits as well.

Establishing your role as a father in your child's life can help foster a healthy relationship with your child. At the same time, however, approaching sensitive issues incorrectly or hastily could cause a rift of anger, bitterness, or resentment between members of a family.

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