Normal Emotions During & After a Divorce

Divorce can be a costly experience in different ways. The process and aftermath of divorce can cause an emotional upheaval in the lives of both spouses. There are a number of emotions that commonly are experienced by people going through a divorce.


One of the most common types of emotions experienced during the course of divorce is depression. Depression, as is the case with other emotional issues that arise during a divorce, can impact a person's ability to make the best decisions during marriage dissolution proceedings. This underscores the need to address depression and other emotions that arise during the divorce process.


Anxiety is another of the more common emotions experienced by an individual in the midst of a divorce. By definition, divorce overturns the manner in which a couple and family have been conducting their lives. This type of change understandably can progress to anxiety. Divorce also results in a great deal of uncertainty about the future. The uncertainty of this nature rather understandably leads to an anxious state.


Even in this day and age when divorce is commonplace, an emotion a person sometimes experiences during the process is shame. Shame arising from divorce can be a result of a sense of failure. It can arise from religious beliefs or the dynamics of an extended family.


Anger is another of the emotions commonly experienced during the course of a divorce case. Indeed, anger oftentimes is an overarching emotion that exhibits before, during, and after divorce proceedings. No-fault divorce laws were intended to serve as a means of reducing the emotions associated with divorce, particularly anger.


At the other end of the spectrum, happiness is an example of an emotion associated with divorce. Happiness can arise during the divorce case itself. It oftentimes exhibits when a divorce case concludes.

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